$3.8 million in grant funding opportunities for West Virginia senior centers now available

CHARLESTON, WV — Gov. Justice announced today $3.8 million in grant funding opportunities for West Virginia senior centers are now available, with priority given to centers most in-need of additional aid.

In response to the reduction of federal COVID-19 relief funds for nutrition and senior centers in May 2023, Gov. Justice has earmarked $3.8 million in funding opportunities to support the state’s senior centers.

“There is no way we are going to let people go hungry or go without the resources they need to make it through the holiday season,” Gov. Justice said. “We have this money to use, and we are always going to try our best to take care of our people, especially our seniors. That is exactly what this money is for, and there isn’t a better use for it than this.”

Senior centers, although independently operated, play a crucial role in the lives of our elderly residents, offering food and important services. As the holiday season approaches, Gov. Justice is committed to ensuring our most vulnerable population has their needs met and not left hungry. The allocated funding is entirely needs-based to ensure that it reaches those centers and seniors who require it most.

“The Bureau of Senior Services is very excited about this grant funding opportunity being provided by Governor Justice,” Denise Worley, Commissioner of West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services, said. “This will allow senior centers to determine what their individual needs are and apply for needs-based funding to support their specific programs and projects. Each senior center is their own individual operation with unique needs and this grant funding opportunity will continue to support quality services for the senior population across the state of West Virginia.”

Many of the state’s centers are struggling to meet the needs of their seniors because of the loss of pandemic funds, leading to waitlists for crucial services, including providing food. This funding provides a lifeline to those seniors who have been waiting for assistance, with an emphasis on addressing the needs of those currently on these waitlists.

The ultimate goal is to deploy these funds effectively to remove seniors from waitlists, ensuring that they receive the care and support they require.

To learn more about these initiatives and grant opportunities, please reach out to the Bureau of Senior Services and visit to apply and learn more.