A Mount Hope Landmark Is Auctioning Off Memorabilia.

Mount Hope, WV – (WWNR) – A piece of Mount Hope’s history was on display Sunday.

The Bon Bon Confectionary and Hardware Store closed in 2020 after 100 years in business.

But the store reopened its doors for a preview tour of an online auction of hundreds of items of memorabilia, including beer signs, soda fountain collectibles, movie theater items, old photographs and a 1930 Model A Ford.

“Anyone who ever grew up here in Mount Hope at some point came through the doors and got them a coke or a candy bar,” says current Bon Bon co-owner Dean Bonifacio. His grandfather Sam opened the store in 1920 and it was later run by his father and mother, Floyd and Phyllis.

“It was started by my grandfather who came from Italy, he was actually a shoemaker, and started a business here. My father expanded it to hardware and to a convenience store and we were open for a hundred years.”

In addition to memorabilia from the Bon Bon, the auction also features items from the Princess Playhouse and the Mount Hope Theater, which Floyd Bonifacio also operated, as well as items from the Bonifacio’s home, which is located right behind the Bon Bon.

But the item that gets everyone’s attention is the Model A Ford, which has been stored inside the hardware store for years.

“It’s a 1930 Model A Ford,” says Dean Bonifacio. “It was my dad’s pride and joy. It’s still in excellent condition. It would probably just take a little bit to get it running. But yeah it’s in excellent shape.”

The auction features over 1,000 lots and is being run thru The bidding ends on January 17th at 6pm. After selling the personal property, Dean Bonifacio says the plan is to sell the store itself.

“There’s a lot of emotion. When you’re not only a business, but it was our family, but it’s the right thing to do at the right time.”

“I hope someone has some great ideas, who’s ready to put some energy into the town and make the most out of it.”