Artists Look to Van Gogh for Inspiration in Latest Gallery Show Opening at Tamarack Marketplace

BECKLEY, WV– On Saturday, October 22nd Tamarack Marketplace will be holding its newest gallery opening aptly named “Gogh with the Flow”.

This latest art exhibition is a celebration of the work and influence of artist Vincent Van Gogh, one of history’s most famous painters.

“The artists that will be featured in this showing have taken inspiration from Van Gogh’s paintings and applied it to their own creative work. The artists have really done a fantastic job paying homage to such a brilliant artist while also keeping true to themselves” stated Gallery Director Mandy Lash.

“Every submission that we have received has a unique take on Van Gogh’s art and I think people visiting the gallery will be truly amazed by the works they will see here” Lash Continued.

The show opening for “Gogh with the Flow” will take place in the David L. Dickerson Gallery at Tamarack Marketplace from 3-5pm on October 22nd. The exhibition will run from Oct 22nd to Nov 23rd. The gallery opening is open to the public and visitors can meet the artists, enjoy refreshments, and browse the art on display.