Attorney General Morrisey Files Suit Against Used Car Dealer

CHARLESTON, WV —(WWNR) West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey recently filed suit against a used car dealer accused of selling unsafe vehicles amid a pattern of allegations that violates various facets of the state’s consumer protection laws.
The lawsuit targets Mr. V & Sons Pre-Owned Auto Sales, Inc. and its owners, founder Sohrab Vagheei and his son, Camron Vagheei. The Attorney General seeks civil penalties, restitution and a court order to permanently block the defendants from any similar violation of the state’s Consumer Credit and Protection Act.   
“Businesses that cheat the consumer – whether large or small – must be held accountable,” Attorney General Morrisey said. “Our state has many reputable car dealerships, however, those who seek to deceive consumers should be on notice. We intend to go to court and prove the allegations in our complaint.”
The lawsuit, filed in early September, links the Kanawha County dealership to complaints from 11 consumers, who reside in the areas of Boone, Fayette and Kanawha counties.
Their complaints include allegations that Mr. V & Sons sold vehicles with numerous mechanical problems and refused to take responsibility for repairs. Examples include a failed transmission within 24 hours of purchase, faulty brakes, a broken rear spring and rusted frames, as well as other issues that rendered the vehicles unable to pass a state safety inspection.
The lawsuit further alleges that Mr. V & Sons misled consumers and failed to honor its warranty obligations, disclose the terms and conditions of financing and failed to give customers a notice of their right to take care of default payments.
Mr. V & Sons also stands accused of having failed to transfer and deliver car titles within 60 days from the date of sale and having sold vehicles “As Is” without providing the required disclaimer, according to the civil complaint.
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