Beckley Mayor Rappold: State Of The City Is “Solid.”

Beckley, WV – (WWNR) – Mayor Rob Rappold appeared at Tuesday’s meeting of the Beckley Rotary Club to present his annual State Of the City address at the Historic Black Knight Municipal Park.

Rappold said the past year has largely been a successful one for the city of Beckley. He noted such achievements as the opening of the Fruits of Labor Cafe, improvements to city parks, and the recent acquisition of the old WJLS building and the Pinecrest Industrial Park for future economic development.

“Going back seven years ago when we became a home rule city and the tax implications there. . . has made a big difference for us. Things like the new Police Headquarters, the new Number Three Fire Station, and Black Knight, we were able to pay this off in four and a half years. So, it’s really been great.”

Rappold acknowledged some problems, including the ongoing battle against drugs, problems with panhandling, and the struggle to retain young police officers.

Mayor Rappold concluded that thanks to the dedication and conscientious department heads and all employees, the state of the city is solid, in his opinion.