Dr. Michael Bean, Concord’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,
presents the scholarship to Traivius Chappell.

ATHENS, W.Va. – Concord University presented the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship to sophomore Traivius Chappell during a unity march held on campus April 20.

Chappell, a resident of Halifax, Va., is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Concord. He earned an Associate degree in high school which will make him a second year senior in the classroom this fall based on earned credentials. He is a member of the Mountain Lion football team where he plays tight end.

      “It’s truly an honor to receive this reward,” Traivius said. “The tragedies that go on in our society is absolutely traumatizing. These events such as George Floyd’s lay heavy on our hearts and being able to express my devotion to promote peace is only half of my mission. Being recognized for wanting to help is only a plus!”

Traivius said he was “in complete shock” when he learned he had received the scholarship. “Most scholarship opportunities you know a lot of people are submitting so you kind of just do it and hope for the best. When I read the email I immediately sent it to my family and of course they were proud,” he said.

Dr. Michael Bean, Concord’s Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, presented the scholarship to Traivius.

The march, which began at the Student Center and ended at the peace pole monument, was a call for peace in Ukraine. Many of the students, faculty and staff who participated wore T-shirts bearing the words “May Peace Prevail in Ukraine,” echoing the message on the peace poles. The grouping of three poles, located between the Administration and Fine Arts buildings, have “May Peace Prevail on Earth” printed on them in 24 different languages. Advocating for peace and unity, several members of the Concord campus community spoke during the gathering.

The George Floyd Memorial Scholarship, established through a generous donation by Concord alumnus Charles Hall (Class of 1962), is awarded to Concord students who are seeking careers with the intent on making a positive impact on the world as advocates for social change.

For additional information about the George Floyd Memorial Scholarship, please contact the Concord University Foundation at 304-384-5348 or