ATHENS, W.Va. – Students enrolled in Concord University’s Communication in the
Organization class teamed up with Francie’s Sweets—a southern West Virginia food truck that
specializes in deep fried donuts—to raise over $700 dollars for the campus food pantry.
The project, assigned by Dr. Cory Williams, allows students to put into practice the
techniques of Organizational Communication to give students real life experience in things like
leadership, conflict resolution, and decision-making.
After weeks of planning, Francie’s Sweets set up shop in front of the Jerry and Jean Beasley
Student center on Thursday, April 21. The group donated 100% of the proceeds to Concord’s
food pantry.
Hillary Lewis, a Concord alum and co-owner of Francie’s Sweets, says they enjoyed the
experience and are grateful the class invited them to participate.
“Despite long wait lines, every single student and employee was so mannerly, nice, and
respectful. We were blown away with the hospitality shown on campus that day,” said Lewis.
Jared Sandy, a Multimedia Communication major, was the group leader for this project. He
worked closely with Samantha Hazelwood, chair of a planning committee, and Ellie Hawcroft,
chair of the promotional committee. Students on those two committees include: Devin Luckett,
Alexa Gonzalez, Cameron Lilly, Logan Bennett, Brandon Roberts, Lance Lester, and Thomas
“Everyone worked so well together,” said Sandy. “In total, we made $730 for the food
pantry. I couldn’t be happier with the results and I know everyone else was excited that we
managed to put together one of the largest totals for a group project.”
Concord University is thankful for Francie’s Sweets’ contribution to the campus
community, both through their donation and their amazing donuts!
This same group of students also raised an additional $319 with a bake sale held in the
student center.
A second group from this same class raised funds for Concord’s Gap Fund, created to assist
students with unforeseen expenses that may keep them from being able to continue their
education. This group was led by Zac Romey, Alexandria Wooten, and Kassi Hunt. They held a
raffle on a gift basket full of donated items, raising $103.
“The amazing thing is, since this is an online class, all the funds were raised using online
communication. This just goes to show that even in an online environment, you can achieve
great real-world results. I am proud of what they achieved this semester,” said Dr. Williams