DMV Announces Statewide Participation in Purple Heart Parking Spot Program

Moundsville DMV Regional Office site of first spot
Charleston, WV—West Virginia Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Commissioner Everett Frazier is pleased to announce that a local, veteran-initiated program honoring Purple Heart Veterans is getting statewide recognition with signs to be displayed at all DMV regional offices.
Over the last year, Commander Wally McMasters of the VFW Post 4442 has been promoting his “Purple Heart Parking Spot” program idea in the Northern Panhandle. He has gotten support from many retail and business outlets, who have each agreed to make one parking spot in their shopping areas specifically dedicated to Purple Heart Veterans. McMasters approached the DMV in Moundsville about the idea, and Commissioner Frazier not only agreed, but wanted to have one at each regional office across the state.
“If it was up to me, I’d give our veterans the whole parking lot,” Frazier said. “Our service men and women in uniform give their time, effort, and sometimes pay the ultimate sacrifice–their very lives–so that we can enjoy our freedoms. To me, giving them a parking spot at each office is just a small way that we can say ‘Thank you for your service!’”
According to McMasters, getting participation from businesses in the Wheeling and surrounding areas was his “Phase 1”.  “Phase 2 is going statewide, and Phase 3 will be touching the nation,” McMasters said.
The first Purple Heart Parking Spot sign to be included at a DMV regional office was installed in Moundsville on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, with several veterans and DMV staff in attendance. Over the next couple months, signs will continue to go up across the state until each regional office is included.
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