LOGAN COUNTY – The West Virginia State Auditor’s Public Integrity and Fraud Unit (PIF-U)
has secured two felony guilty convictions following an investigation into the Chapmanville
Volunteer Fire Department in Logan County.
On Wednesday, May 31st, former Chapmanville VFD Chief Thomas Perry plead guilty in Logan
County Circuit Court to conspiracy to commit fraudulent schemes and embezzlement. His son,
Cody Perry, also a former member of the fire department, plead guilty to embezzlement.
Thomas Perry is facing 1-5 years in prison and the Auditor’s Office is requesting $16,210.63 in
restitution at sentencing. Cody Perry is facing 1-10 years in prison and the Auditor’s Office is
requesting $38,739.15 in restitution.
“Protecting taxpayer dollars is our most important responsibility, and through our Public Integrity
and Fraud Unit, we are sending a strong message that if you steal from the citizens of West
Virginia – you can no longer get away with it,” State Auditor JB McCuskey said. “The money
these volunteer firefighters stole was intended to be used to protect the Chapmanville community
and instead, this father and son decided to line their pockets, putting their neighbors at risk. I am
proud of the work of our PIF-U to bring these two to justice.”
The investigation started in 2022 following allegations of misuse of taxpayer dollars at volunteer
fire departments in Logan County. The fraud took place from January 2015 to February 2021.
Lauren Plymale, Director of the Public Integrity and Fraud Unit, served as Special Prosecutor in
the case.
Thomas and Cody Perry will be sentenced on July 6th.
If anyone knows of any fraud against the state, county or local government, they should call (833)
WV-FRAUD, file an anonymous online report at or e-mail