Project: Adventure will be April 28th and April 29th for 4th and 5th graders

Fayette County, WV – April 24, 2022 In April 2019, nearly 900 4th and 5th grade students
flooded the Fayette County Park to attend the largest youth substance use prevention event in
southern West Virginia, named Project: Adventure. This non-traditional prevention event allowed
students to participate in over 30 activities including robotics, art, music, kayaking, and obstacle
The organizing committee, Adventure:Fayette County is proud to announce they will hold the
event again this year after two years of Covid cancellations. Project Adventure will take place on
April 28 and 29, 2022 at the Fayette County Park, as a county-wide school field trip for all 4th
and 5th graders.
The purpose of Adventure: Fayette County is to expose youth to afterschool and summer
activities available in their area, while collecting data on the barriers preventing many children
from participating in these activities. However, this is only one step the committee is taking to
address youth substance use. Showing kids what is available to them addresses one barrier by
nullifying the “There’s nothing to do here,” lament. There is a plethora of things to do here and
the committee plans to develop strategies to take action against other barriers like cost and
transportation. Students who participate in after school activities are 3 times less likely to use
“The goal is to give all of our youth an opportunity to explore activities where they find
connection, meaning and excitement. We want to give them exciting paths to follow so their
curiosity for adventure doesn’t lead them to drugs and alcohol,” says Katie Johnson, Prevention
Coordinator for the Integrated Community Engagement (ICE) Collaborative.
The Adventure: Fayette County committee welcomes inquiries about how folks can volunteer,
give monetary or in-kind support. There are over 100 volunteer opportunities on and behind the
scenes to make this event possible. To learn more and get involved, email the Adventure:
Fayette County committee at, or connect on Facebook with
Adventure: Fayette County. Adventure: Fayette County is a committee of the Fayette Prevention
Coalition and the I.C.E. Collaborative.