FEMA COVID-19 assistance to West Virginia tops $100 million

Washington , D.C- With obligations last week to two Charleston healthcare systems, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) financial assistance has reached $100 million for the State of West Virginia in its ongoing fight against COVID-19.

FEMA reimbursed Charleston Area Medical Center (CAMC) for more than $1.76 million contracted nursing support, medical supplies for hospital staff and patients, and COVID-19 test processing equipment from September 2021 to June 2022.

Thomas Memorial Hospital Association was also reimbursed for more than $1.04 million to cover costs of contracted nursing support from December 2021 to the start of January 2022.

“After reaching this $100 million milestone, FEMA is especially proud to support West Virginia in its battle against COVID-19,” said FEMA Region 3 Administrator MaryAnn Tierney. “The extra staffing, supplies, and testing have been crucial for the healthcare missions of both CAMC and Thomas Health.”

“We work with our FEMA partners every day to serve West Virginia’s citizens,” said West Virginia Emergency Management Director GE McCabe. “We’re grateful for FEMA’s enduring partnership and support as we continue to combat COVID-19.”

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FEMA last week obligated more than $1.76 million in Federal Grants to the Charleston Area Medical Center Health System in Charleston, W.Va., to cover the costs for staffing, equipment, and testing for COVID-19 treatment. Thomas Memorial Hospital Association was also reimbursed more than $1.04 million for contracted staff as well. The two obligations pushed FEMA grants to more than $100 million toward West Virginia’s coronavirus pandemic efforts. (Philip Maramba/FEMA)