Governor Justice (And Babydog) Come To Beckley To Oppose Amendment 2, Push Income Tax Cut.

Beckley, WV – (WWNR) – West Virginia Governor Jim Justice was in Beckley Monday to talk about cutting taxes, and what would be the best way to do it. Speaking before a group of business and community leaders in Word Park, Justice voiced his opposition to Constitutional Amendment 2, which would allow the state legislature to drop personal property taxes on machinery, inventory and vehicles. The measure is opposed by city and county officials, who fear it would take revenue they need for schools, libraries and emergency services and place it under the control of the legislature.

“I’m not looking for a food fight with anybody in Charleston,” Justice said. “The Charleston swamp is just like the Washington swamp. If we don’t watch out, we’re gonna let lobbyists passing out money to benefit big corporations and leave our everyday working people on the sidelines. Our people are hurting and this inflation’s hurting lots of folks. And we need for our voters to understand that Amendment 2, in my opinion, can really hurt us.”

Governor Justice prefers to cut the state income tax by about 10% immediately, reducing personal income taxes by more than 200 million dollars. Justice says the state’s current economic health makes such a cut possible – but it can’t afford to do that and a property tax cut at the same time.

“Studies across the country show that the nine states that don’t have an income tax have grown twice the national average in the last ten years,” said State Revenue Secretary Dave Hardy, who was also at Monday’s event. “And their economies have grown by fifty-six percent in the last ten years. The governor wants to take the first step. He wants to cut our state income tax across the board by 271 million dollars, which is a ten percent cut. And he wants to do it immediately. In other words, it would apply to the year 2022.”

The governor also brought the ever-popular Babydog with him to help promote his message and to take pictures with attendees. Justice will hold a similar event Tuesday outside the Kanawha County Courthouse in Charleston. Voters will decide on Amendment 2 when it appears on the ballot during the November General Election.