House Completes Action on WV-Ireland Trade Commission

During the House Rules this morning, the committee advanced House Concurrent Resolutions 1233365154555658, and 61, along with Senate Concurrent Resolutions 3 and 6 to the House floor. The Committee also moved (on second reading) Senate Bills 188 and 594 and (on first reading) Senate Bills 51131160205246439462, and 591 to the Special Calendar.

Today, the House passed the 16 bills on third reading, completing legislative action on seven of them. The House also concurred with Senate amendments to complete three House Bills.

House Bill 2993 licenses rural emergency hospitals.

House Bill 3307 establishes the West Virginia – Ireland Trade Commission. The Commission is tasked with advancing bilateral trade and investment between WV and Ireland; initiating joint action on policy issues of mutual interest; promoting business and academic exchange between the two; and encouraging mutual economic support and investment in infrastructure. The bill takes effect on March 17, 2023.

House Bill 3428 makes the West Virginia Business Ready Sites Program permanent.

Senate Bill 136 requires individuals convicted of sexual offenses to undergo psychological or psychiatric testing and have a treatment plan in place to be eligible for parole. The bill also expands the list of offenses that would prohibit a defendant from residing with minor children or having contact with victims.

Senate Bill 208 requires all current law-enforcement officers to receive training for appropriate interactions with and in response to persons with autism, Alzheimer’s, and related dementias every three years.

Senate Bill 276 allows the State Fire Marshal to award the service weapon of a retiring State Fire Marshal, any full-time deputy fire marshal, or any full-time assistant fire marshal employed by the State Fire Marshal to the retiree without charge when the retiring member honorably retires with at least 10 years of service or with less than 10 years of service based upon the determination that the retiring employee is totally physically disabled as a result of service with the State Fire Marshal.