House Completes Bill to Allow Qualified State Retirees to Become CPS and APS Workers

During today’s House floor meeting, the body concurred to complete legislative action on five bills, including:

House Bill 2569 establishes the Motorsport Responsibility Act.

House Bill 2917 allows retired state employees who meet qualifications to be employed as CPS or APS workers without having retirement annuity payment suspended and without reentering the retirement system as contributing members.

House Bill 3211 provides optional retirement service credit for municipal police and firefighters via accrued annual or sick leave days.

House Bill 3337 limits the number of substance abuse treatment beds to 250 per county.

The House also passed 19 of the 20 bills on third reading. Senate Bill 613 was postponed one day.

Senate Bill 99 allows county boards of education to meet to discuss the consolidation of school districts or the possibility of sharing administrative, coordinating, and other county-level services and functions between them.

Senate Bill 457 removes the prohibition of gambling on private club premises.

The Rules Committee met this morning and moved Senate Bill 467 to the (inactive) House Calendar. The Committee also moved Senate Bill 121 and Senate Bill 533 to the Special Calendar.