House Completes Legislative Action on Campus Self-Defense Act

During today’s floor session, a motion was made to discharge House Bill 2036. The bill would exemptions from mandatory immunizations based on religious reasons. The motion failed.

Several bills are on the agenda for discussion today. The debate on Senate Bill 10 was lengthy during the morning session.

Senate Bill 10, the Campus Self-Defense Act, allows concealed carry of handguns on higher education institution campuses.

The proponents of the bill stated that the right to concealed carry is a constitutional right and the right cannot be restricted on location. Some stated citizens should have the ability to defend themselves in any situation. Others argued a good actor carrying could stop a bad actor on campus to do harm. One person argued that the sheer knowledge that concealed carry is allowed on campus could deter a bad actor from planning a shooting on campus.

Opponents of the bill expressed concern for the dangers of mixing alcohol, stress, and mental health problems with access to guns. The concern is suicide rates will increase on university campuses with access to guns on campus. They stated that no university officials have expressed support for the legislation and have concerns about guns on their campuses. Other opponents noted the training received for concealed carry isn’t the same as military or police training.

The bill passed 84 to 13, completing legislative action.

After the passage of Senate Bill 10, a motion was made to read House Bill 2283 and every other bill in its entirety.