House Judiciary Advances Bill Recognizing fetus as victim in DUI Accidents

The Committee on the Judiciary met this afternoon to consider the following legislation.

House Bill 3302 recognizes an embryo or fetus as a distinct unborn victim for the offense of DUI causing death or severe bodily injury.

House Bill 2817 clarifies the definitions of alternative fuel and alternative fuel vehicles, limiting Public Service Commission jurisdiction over temporary charging locations with movable generators for technological demonstrations at fairs, festivals, and other special events.

House Bill 2605 enacts a Good Samaritan Law. The bill provides that an individual who voluntarily without payment assists at the scene of an accident, emergency, or disaster may not be liable for civil damages as the result of any act or omission in providing emergency care.

House Bill 3272 enacts laws authorizing the formation and operation of licensed and unlicensed private trust companies under West Virginia law.

House Bill 2540 establishes the “Travel Insurance Model Act.” This will allow travel agencies in the state to provide travel insurance.

House Bill 3122 permits certain types of rifles to use an encapsulated propellant charge that loads from the breech.