House Updates Patient Brokering Act

Today, the House passed Senate Bill 241, which gives the Inspector General authority to receive and investigate complaints of patient brokering.

Amendments were offered and rejected on House Bill 2002. House Bill 2002 increases the adoption tax credit beginning in 2023. The ill establishes the eligibility of adopted children of WV residents for early intervention. It also establishes the WV Mothers and Babies Pregnancy Support Program.

House Bill 2599 and House Bill 2762 were amended.

House Bill 2599 creates a mapping system for utility pole rights-of-way and easements. It requires pole owners to provide information to the Department of Economic Development so maps can be created with specific information about the poles. The amendment states that pole owners shall provide information obtained from attachers.

House Bill 2762 requires the State Fire Commission to propose rules providing those buildings commencing construction after July 1, 2023, housing emergency fire, rescue, or ambulance services shall be protected throughout by approved automatic sprinkler systems. The amendment provides that buildings less than 5,000 square feet are an exception as long as there is no sleeping area in the building.