House Votes to Remove Certificate of Need for Birthing Centers

Today, the House of Delegates passed four bills and amended one.

Senate Bill 4 creates the “Adopt-A-Trail” volunteer programs for public land under DNR control. The program is modeled after the “Adopt-A-Highway” and “Adopt-A-Stream” programs. Volunteer organizations would apply to adopt and maintain the trails for two years.

House Bill 2611 removes certain territorial limitations on a banking institution’s ability to offer messenger services or mobile banking facilities, except that the 2,000-foot limit to the proximity of another bank’s main or branch office remains.

House Bill 2789 removes the certificate of need requirement for birthing centers. This will allow birthing centers to begin operation without going through this application process. Proponents of the bill stated that the passage of this bill would provide more access to care for pregnant parents, especially in rural areas. Many of the centers can do prenatal and up to 28-day postnatal care. Opponents expressed concern for high-risk cases or cases that seem low risk but then have a complication. Increased risk cases would be transferred to a hospital for care. The bill passed 73 to 26.

House Bill 3055 establishes a technical transition math class.

Senate Bill 241 was on second reading and the Health and Human Resources Committee amendment was adopted.