International Overdose Awareness Day Community Event

On April 9th, 2022, from 12pm to 4pm the Raleigh County Prevention Coalition will host a Voters Registration Event. This event is held to support those who have had their voting rights suspended due to incarceration or are unregistered and would like the chance to register to vote. This is a free, family friendly event open to everyone in our community and will be held at Shoemaker Square in Uptown Beckley. 

We want to give a voice to those that have not been able to vote for too long. When a person is convicted of a felony offense in this state their right to vote is suspended. Many incorrectly think their right to vote is lost forever. Not true! Once that person has completed their sentence (parole included) all they need do is re-register. The purpose of this event is to make sure everyone that has the right to vote – knows it and uses it.

 In attendance will be members of the Bechtel Law Office, PLLC, to aid in legal inquires, the Human Rights Commission to support the growth of our community and West Virginia Re-Entry Councils will assist in facing barriers to become productive members of society. Human Resource Development Foundation will be in attendance with people in Recovery helping anyone dealing with substance use disorder, as well as the training and distribution of Narcan to save lives.   

This event is a community outreach project for the Raleigh County Prevention Coalition with support of the Bechtel Law Office PLLC, Human Rights Commission, WV Re-Entry Councils and Human Resource Development Foundation. Please come and register or re-register to vote with us. Let your voice be heard!