Justice Family Reaches Global Settlement with Carter Bank & Trust

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV The Justice family and their related companies are pleased to announce that they have reached a global settlement with Carter Bank and Trust (Carter Bank) following months of negotiation. This settlement resolves all outstanding disputes between the parties and reinforces the respective parties’ mutual commitment to moving forward constructively and amicably.

The agreement, which was reached on June 25, 2024 marks a significant milestone for both Carter Bank and the Justice family, ensuring that both parties can focus on their respective priorities without the distraction of further litigation. Specific terms of the settlement remain confidential per mutual agreement. However, the agreement encompasses a pathway of curtailment and payoff of the loans the Justice family has outstanding with Carter Bank.

James (Jay) C. Justice, III., on behalf of the Justice family, stated, “We are glad to have reached an agreement that puts these matters behind us. We appreciate the effort that Litz Van Dyke and his team put into negotiating this resolution. Our family has valued our decades-long relationship with Carter Bank dating back to my dad’s long-standing personal relationship with Worth Carter, the Bank’s visionary founder, and longtime chairman. Our family is committed to satisfying our outstanding obligations to Carter Bank and fulfilling our commitments under the terms of the agreement reached with Carter Bank. We look forward to focusing our attention on these efforts and believe that this resolution will ensure that The Greenbrier remains a part of the Justice family’s holdings for generations to come.”