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Lara Trump: ‘I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Mayor Pete’

Trump 2020 campaign adviser Lara Trump responded to former Mayor Pete Buttigieg ending his presidential bid Sunday, suggesting it likely won’t be the end of his political career.

“He’s a young guy. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of Mayor Pete,” Trump told “The Next Revolution.”

She added, “It will be interesting to see what he does now.”


The former mayor of South Bend, Ind., ended his presidential campaign Sunday, in an abrupt and surprising pullout that further narrowed the field of Democrats less than a month after he declared victory in the contested Iowa caucuses.

“It’s gotta be hard when you are a newcomer to this kind of thing, this big political scene and you have somebody like Michael Bloomberg come in with hundreds of millions of dollars, dumping it in,” Trump said.

“I think the only problem he had from our campaign perspective is that there was nothing he was running on except beating Donald Trump, which so many of these people are,” she added.


Trump said while officials with the president’s re-election campaign were “never too concerned with Pete Buttigieg,” they “wish him well” and will now focus on the remaining “characters… to see who, ultimately, Donald Trump will run against.”

Turning to Joe Biden’s victory in South Carolina Saturday, Trump said she was beginning to “feel sorry” for the former vice president and that she’s looking out for his performance on Super Tuesday.

“Good for Joe for winning one,” she said. “I kind of feel sorry for Joe Biden, at least he’s got South Carolina. Hopefully, we’ll see Joe pick up steam, but I will be curious to see what happens from here on out. Obviously it has not been what anyone expected. He was at top of all the polls, and you see that he’s really fallen flat. We’ll see what happens on Super Tuesday.”

Asked about the prospect of a brokered convention, Trump said she “would not be surprised” if the delegate count were to be split.

“I think the Democrat establishment is probably losing their mind right now, because, look at what they have. It is really messy. They couldn’t count votes in Iowa to start with. That was a disaster from the first second and now you see such differences with all these people in the field, Joe Biden, that they were really trying to prop up for so long. Obviously, people didn’t feel they could put a lot into Joe.”


She continued, “The person they’re trying desperately to keep out of this, Bernie Sanders, has really done better than most people thought he would. That’s interesting.”

Trump said regardless of the Democrats’ nominee, the Trump campaign was prepared and well-equipped to claim victory in November.

“We take nothing for granted at the Trump campaign and we have been preparing today for this year, since Donald Trump was elected in 2016. Our campaign never shut down.”


“You see how great and prosperous this country has been under President Trump’s leadership,” Trump added. “We could lose all of that and go the exact opposite way… it would be an unrecognizable United States of America if Bernie Sanders became the president.”

“There is too much at stake for us to sit back and relax,” Trump continued, revealing that she “almost lost my voice because it’s only March 1 but I’ve been out all over this country.”

Fox News’ Gregg Re contributed to this report.

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