Man Charged With Making Bomb Threats In Bluefield.

Bluefield, WV – (WWNR) – One man is in custody after police said he claimed to have explosive devices at a federal building and a church in Bluefield.

James Dean Fowler of Bluefield is charged with two counts of possession or use of a hoax bomb in the commission of a felony, one count of false reports concerning bombs or explosive devices, and two counts of threats of terrorist acts.

According to Bluefield Police Chief Dennis Dillow, Fowler entered the Elizabeth Kee Federal Building Monday morning wanting to see a federal agent about national security and carrying a black bag he said contained an explosive device.

The Federal Building and surrounding buildings were evacuated and the device dismantled through a controlled detonation. Another suspected explosive device was found at the Westminister Presbyterian Church on Washington Street. Both devices were determined to be fake. A search of Fowler’s nearby apartment turned up no devices.

Fowler was arraigned before a magistrate and is being held without bond at the Southern Regional Jail.