Meet Ajax and Red, The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department’s New K9s.

Beckley, WV – (WWNR) – The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department unveiled the two newest members of its K9 Unit on Tuesday. Red, a Malinois from Poland, and Ajax, a Shepherd/Malinois mix from the Netherlands, have been with the Sheriff’s Department for about a week, and have already been deployed about 20 times.

The dogs are multi-purpose, trained in apprehension, article search, narcotics detection and tracking. Their handlers demonstrated their abilities by placing drug samples on several vehicles in the parking lot. Ajax and Red detected them almost immediately.

The dogs are groomed for work in law enforcement at a very young age and undergo several weeks of extensive training along with their handlers. Deputy M.L. Talley handles Ajax and says the bonding has been great.

“From day one, we got to take them home, spend time with them, feed them, go on walks with them and we just built a great bond, we became best friends.”

Deputy B.T. Garrett has also bonded with his dog, Red, and says he spends more time with him than with his family.

“It’s a great feeling to know that there’s somebody who is there to back you up at a moment’s notice. . . in case i get into a bad situation and i need him, he can come and help me.”

Like Ajax and Red, most patrol dogs come from eastern bloc and other European countries. Ajax and Red were trained at the Ventosa Kennels in North Carolina.