New River Community College Partners with Friday Night Medical Time Out to Elevate Safety Measures for Local High School Athletes

[BEAVER, WV] – As part of a strategic collaboration, New River Community and Technical College will be joining forces with Friday Night Medical Time Out to enhance safety protocols for local high school athletes. On Monday, August 21st at Shady Spring High School, New River CTC Paramedic students will be conducting an educational session on the life-saving Medical Time Out program. This program offers essential guidance for managing critical incidents during sports events.

The training session begins at 4:30 p.m. and will equip coaches, trainers, referees, and emergency personnel with vital knowledge about the Medical Time Out program. This complimentary initiative provided as a partnership between the Kyle Group and New River CTC empowers participants to respond effectively to unforeseen emergencies, ensuring the well-being of student-athletes.

Dr. Jim Kyle, a respected authority in sports medicine and a seasoned ER physician with over 30 years of experience, will be present at the event for interviews. Dr. Kyle and his team have meticulously crafted protocols that outline a systematic approach to emergency treatment, emphasizing preparedness in critical situations. This training will use New River’s high fidelity mannequins to ensure each participant is capable of providing high quality chest compressions and appropriate life saving measures that will positively impact the lives of our region’s student athletes. 

Originating around a decade ago in southern West Virginia, the Friday Night Medical Time Out program was conceived by Barbara E. Kyle, President of the Kyle Group, and her husband Dr. Jim Kyle. Rooted in a shared commitment to preparedness, the program seeks to elevate safety standards in high school sports across the nation. The program’s effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Ahead of kickoff, key stakeholders – including EMS personnel, coaches, trainers, and potentially physicians – convene 30 minutes before the game. A concise, 5-minute meeting follows, during which the Friday Night Medical Time Out checklist is reviewed. This streamlined approach assigns roles and responsibilities, eliminating confusion and ensuring a prompt response during emergencies. The Kyle Group’s dedication to community welfare is evident through the provision of this program, available at no cost to schools nationwide. Barbara Kyle, reflecting on their altruistic motives, emphasizes that the initiative serves as a way to give back to the communities they hold dear. Parents, educators, and school administrators are encouraged to explore this invaluable program to enhance safety measures for student-athletes. For further information and engagement, please visit