New training curriculum video for Poll Workers ready for May 14 Primary Election

DVDs are being mailed to all 55 county clerks;
Charleston, W. Va. – The WV Secretary of State’s Office announced today that it has produced and published a new poll worker training video series ahead of the May 14 Primary Election. All 55 county clerks are required to conduct training sessions for registered voters selected to work the polls on Election Day.Development of the new training curriculum began in July of 2023 after WV Secretary of State Mac Warner announced the project at the biennial County Clerk’s Training Conference. Since then, staff members at WVSOS have diligently collaborated with several of the state’s county clerks to design a 27-part video series that comprehensively covers all Election Day responsibilities for poll workers.
Statewide Voter Registration System Coordinator Elaine Hogan & Elections Director Brittany Westfall mailed DVD copies of the new poll worker training video seriesto county clerks this week.
Each video segment combines animated cartoons depicting common polling place scenarios with live-action equipment demonstrations that give technical guidance from a hands-on perspective. Segments cover only one subject at a time and range from one to five minutes to keep the information succinct and easy to comprehend.”The beauty of voting in person is that you gain confidence from casting your ballot under the watchful eye of trained poll workers,” said Secretary of State Mac Warner. “My Office has gone to great lengths to ensure the clerks have access to the best and most comprehensive training material possible for this critical election cycle.”The entire video series is available to stream online and at any time through the WV Secretary of State’s YouTube page. Additionally, over 250 DVD copies are being mailed to county clerks and municipal election officials.