NRGRDA and Fayette County Post Dilapidated Buildings Survey on Websites

Fayetteville, W.Va. (October 20, 2023) – The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority
(NRGRDA) and Fayette County are asking citizens to take a few minutes and submit information
on any dilapidated buildings they are aware of in the county. Both NRGRDA and Fayette County
have posted survey instruments on the home pages of their websites for easy access and
Both use the same survey link:
Last month, Fayette County established the state’s first-ever land reuse agency designed to
identify abandoned and dilapidated sites and structures, obtain ownership within the land
reuse agency, determine and master plan highest and best reuse of the property, and source
developers who will create new residential, commercial, and industrial developments within
Fayette County.
Jina Belcher, NRGRDA executive director, was elected chairperson of the agency. She said her
primary goal in this role is to work within Fayette County to determine the highest and best use
for abandoned properties that can be turned into quality, taxable assets.

“The online survey is a simple way for the public to share their observations with the agency,”
said Tom Louisos, Fayette County Commissioner. “We have designed it to take only a few
minutes to complete on an as-needed basis, and it will remain posted on both of our websites
on an on-going basis.”
“Jurisdictions throughout the New River Gorge region — and the entire state for that matter –
would highly benefit from following Fayette County’s lead and identify and inventory
abandoned, under-utilized properties for potential reuse and recovery,” said Belcher. “NRGRDA
will continue to showcase the survey in the top, right corner of the homepage for
easy access.”