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O’Brien urges PA leadership to consider peace talks with Israel after WH brokers historic agreements

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien urged Palestinian leadership to consider a peace agreement with Israel after militants in the Gaza Strip fired off rockets Tuesday to protest the signing of normalization agreements between Israel and two Arab countries at the White House.

“With respect to the Palestinians, the president has come forward with the most comprehensive plan for peace between Israel and Palestine ever,” O’Brien told “Special Report.”


“That vision for Middle East peace that senior adviser Kushner and Secretary Pompeo and myself and others have been working on throughout the region, gives the Palestinians an opportunity to double their GDP.  It calls for a two-state solution to the Palestinian impasse, it provides territorial integrity for the Palestinians,” he continued. “It’s a terrific first offer for the Palestinians to come to the table, so we really hope they take advantage of this.”

The Palestinians are opposed to the agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, which agreed to recognize Israel without securing territorial concessions, viewing them as a betrayal of their cause by the Arab countries. Palestinian officials compared the UAE deal to “treason” after it was announced last month, arguing that instead of increasing stability and peace in the region, the deal further undermines them.

“This is an older government. There’s a lot of corruption in the Palestinian authority,” O’Brien said. “We would like to see young Palestinians who want a great future and participate in the technological boom that’s taking place in Israel and across certain parts of the Middle East like the UAE. We want them to be part of it and see a better future.

“The president loves them and wants to see a great deal.”

O’Brien praised Trump’s role in brokering the two historic Middle East diplomatic deals between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and Israel and Bahrain, which involve the exchanging of ambassadors, establishment of embassies, and cooperation on a range of fronts — including trade, security, and tourism.


“What I have said before is the president came into office and he was known as a dealmaker — he had written ‘The Art of the Deal’,” O’Brien said. “I think he is going to leave office hopefully four years from now known as a peacemaker. What he did is he took a radically different approach than the Washington foreign policy establishment would take. He recognized the facts on the ground in Israel.”

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