One Hundred Years Later, Brown’s Service Station Is Still Full Service.

Belva, WV – (WWNR) – One of the last full service gas stations in West Virginia celebrated its 100th anniversary on Sunday. Brown’s Service Station is located in the tiny community of Belva, about five miles from Gauley Bridge. The celebration featured music, children’s games and food served in the tire shop.

The Brown family has run the service station since its beginning in 1922. Over the years Browns has become not only a service station but a gathering place for the community.

“We have a lot of people come down and hang out with us, and we know all the customers by name,” says Adam Brown, the current station owner.

“My grandfather started it in 1922. His son Jarrell, which is my dad, took over in the 60’s. And then I started in ’79. And my son works here.”

“We pump the gas, wash the windows, check the tires, and we do sell tires, diesel and kerosine. No mechanic work. We just never stopped being full service. We never stopped doing it. Just everybody else went to self service.”

Adam Brown credits the community’s support with keeping Brown’s Service Station up and running for a hundred years. And with his son Austin ready to take over as a fourth generation owner, they plan to pump the gas, check the oil and clean the windows for years to come.