Piney Creek Watershed Association OffersFinancial Assistance for Septic Remediation

Homeowners in Pemberton, Sullivan, Abney, Whitby, Jonben, and Fireco may be eligible to receive financial assistance for septic tank pumping, repair, replacement, or installation.

Raleigh County, WV-The Piney Creek Watershed Association is managing this project and hopes to provide homeowners with septic remediation for little to no cost. The project also includes education on how to maintain and care for a home septic system properly. Piney Creek Watershed Association is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving and protecting the water quality in the Piney Creek watershed.

The purpose of this project is to reduce the total of fecal bacteria that enters the Piney Creek watershed from failing or inadequate septic systems. The project may also provide septic installation where one might not be already established.

“Clean water for recreation is our highest priority,” said Brittany Chaber, Piney Creek Watershed Association Executive Director.

Home septic systems treat wastewater before it is dispersed on the property. Septic systems must be maintained properly to avoid contaminating waterways with bacteria and other pollutants that pose a threat to human and aquatic health.

Project funding comes from a 319 grant through the West Virginia Department of Environmental Project. The Beckley Area Foundation, Raleigh County Commission, and Southern Conservation District also support this project’s mission.

Interested applicants should contact Piney Creek Watershed Association by phone or email for more information. An interest survey is also available at
Phone: (304) 228-1680 Email: