PSC Adds Patrol to WV Turnpike

CHARLESTON – The Public Service Commission of West Virginia is adding a fourth enforcement officer to West Virginia Turnpike patrols on Saturday.

“This inspection of commercial trucks for potential safety defects is a central and important function of the Commission’s Transportation Division,” PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane said. “I am pleased to authorize this beefed-up enforcement.”

Jeff Schoolcraft, director of the Transportation Division, said the new officer will be assigned to the northern end of the 88-mile-long, north-south turnpike, which is Interstate-64-77, where speed limits frequently are lower than the regular 70 miles-per-hour speed limit. Safety concerns have caused the speeds to be lowered as the turnpike nears Charleston.

PSC traffic inspectors examine commercial vehicles on all thoroughfares of the state. They inspect brakes and other operating features of large trucks and can issue citations for violations of state and federal regulations.

“Our inspectors do a really good job,” Schoolcraft said. His team includes 50 inspectors. Both turnpike officials and the State Police expressed pleasure with the additional enforcement assistance.

Last year, PSC enforcement officers inspected 19,964 trucks and 433 buses. They issued 389 notices of violation.

The division also is in the process of hiring five additional officers.