Raleigh County Deputy’s split second decision that changed a life forever.

What Happened, Deputy Harvey?

At approximately 4:00 am on Tuesday, April 27th, Deputy H.L. Harvey made a split second decision that changed a life forever.
-Erin Stone

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(Beckley, WV) WWNR – There are many mixed emotions, feelings, and views of law enforcement and officers today in America. And while agreement seems far and few between across the nation, one thing is certain. One family will never be the same because of Deputy Harvey.

On the night of the 27th, it was early and dark. Deputy Harvey was in his cruiser taking a few moments to review his computer which reads out 911 calls coming in before they his dispatch. The call read every parent’s nightmare.

Two year old child. Male. Unresponsive and Gasping.

Deputy Harvey didn’t wait a moment before putting his vehicle into drive and letting the Emergency Operations Center know that he was already on route. Only a few minutes away from the residence, he knew he would beat any EMS to the scene.

Upon arriving, he knocked on the door where the child’s father answered holding the child. They all three jumped into the cruiser and sped off Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital where the boy was treated.

Deputy Harvey stayed at the hospital until the young child was transferred in a stable condition.

Deputy Harvey is a two year deputy and the youngest member of the Sheriff’s department. Joining the department almost right out of high school, his passion for helping people pushing him to serve his community. Over the last two years, he has learned, trained, and bolstered his passion into a wonderful career.

At this time the investigation is still ongoing by the Beckley Police Department.

Raleigh County Sheriff’s Deputy H.L. Harvey

A statement from the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office was released say in part:

“Every day Deputies with the Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office, like their peers from other law enforcement agencies, serve their communities with pride and distinction, frequently going above and beyond what is expected. For the most part, heroic actions go unnoticed, with only tragedies and controversy garnering attention. The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office would like to take an opportunity to recognize the actions of Deputy H.L. Harvey during the morning hours of April 27, 2021….There is a pending criminal investigation into the circumstances of the child’s medical condition as it appears as though it was a result of the child inadvertently ingesting narcotics. So, more information will not be released by the Sheriff’s Office; however, we are grateful for Deputy Harvey’s actions and their reflection on his character.”

We all thank you Deputy Harvey for you care for our community and those that live here. Your passion is evident in how you speak with those around you. We wish you a wonderful and safe career.

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