Raleigh County Parks and Recreation Announce: Project Murder – Murder Mystery Dinner Show

Surveyor, WV– Raleigh County Parks and Recreation and Lake Stephens announce that they
are hosting a murder mystery dinner show, “Project Murder”. The event will be held at 7:00pm on Saturday,
January 20th, 2024 in the Lake Stephens Pavilion located at 150 Event Circle, Surveyor, WV 25932.
“Project Murder!”
“The Greenbrier Bunker in West Virginia has now been completed and a secret Congressional delegation has
been sent in 1962 to inspect the top-secret hide-out. They soon discover that they have been trapped inside in a
deadly game of murder! Join us and see if you can solve the mystery murder!”
The dinner buffet for this event will include: Salad, traditional lasagna, chicken breast, green beans, roasted red
skin potatoes, rolls, garlic bread, bread pudding, coffee, iced tea, water, and lemonade.
Tickets for this event are $50 and can be purchased here:–project-murder–murder-mystery-dinner-show/