Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office launches Volunteer special needs registry.

Beckley, WV – The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Office has created a voluntary Special Needs Registry available to all citizens of Raleigh County. It aims to help emergency service personnel provide better assistance to residents with special needs during an emergency. The registry contains vital information such as emergency contact information, physical description, current photograph of the registrant, and details of their disability. The primary goal of the registry is to ensure that all residents with special needs receive the help and support they need during emergency situations or interactions with Law Enforcement, Fire, or EMS personnel. You can find out more on the sheriff’s website at Raleigh County Sheriff dot com.

A Program for Special needs persons, both children and adults, who have a tendency to wander from their caregivers called Project Lifesaver is hosted by the Beckley Fire Department. According to officials, the program is available to anyone, not just residents of Beckley.