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Wednesday, August 5, 2020 9:52am

Sean Hannity says Biden ‘not up to the rigors’ of the campaign, hits Sanders

Sean Hannity addressed Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden‘s age and gaffes Wednesday, reacting to the former vice president’s strong performance during Super Tuesday. He also blamed Vermont Sen. Bernie Sander‘s performance on his praise of “mass-murdering” dictators.

“Now, in the two weeks prior to the Super Tuesday, Bernie’s never-ending effusive praise of mass-murdering communist dictatorships was likely what pushed many radical socialist Democrats late deciders towards Joe Biden,” Hannity said on his television program. “‘Bolshevik’ Bernie’s bizarre love affair with, let’s see, the former Soviet Union that killed millions and the Castro regime, that killed all hundreds of thousands of people and Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega and the violent socialist regime that he had.”


“Even Democrats, they could not support that,” Hannity said. “And by the way, they had no other option at that point but to circle the wagons around a very frail, obviously struggling [Biden].”

Hannity began to focus on the health of Biden.

“There are serious, significant issues percolating around [Biden],” Hannity said. “Joe, let me put it this way, [I’m] not a doctor, not going to perform any kind of armchair psychology. But as I have been saying, if a 78-year-old Democrat ever had a fastball, even a slow pitch seems to be long gone.”

“This is now a pattern of daily embarrassing gaffes that is only getting worse and worse and worse,” Hannity said.

The host then also brought up accusations of corruption and the Ukraine scandal involving his son Hunter.

“Joe, seems to be in a rapid state of decline and not up to the rigors needed, even on a campaign,” Hannity said. “It is also fair to ask what would someone as corrupt as quid pro quo Joe do with the most powerful position in the country?”


“This will be a campaign issue. We all know his sons zero experience,” Hannity said. “Hunter got paid millions of millions of dollars sitting on a board of a corrupt Ukrainian oil and gas company named Burisma Holdings.”

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