Seed Sower Inc. Secures $500,000 from Appalachian Regional Commission’s INSPIRE Initiative to Combat Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Crisis

Beckley, WV — Seed Sower Inc. is proud to announce a $500,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional
Commission (ARC) under the Investments Supporting Partnerships in Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE)
Initiative. The award is part of a recently announced nearly $14 million package through ARC’s
Investments Supporting Partnerships in Recovery Ecosystems (INSPIRE) Initiative, which addresses the
region’s substance use disorder crisis with investments that strengthen services in the recovery
ecosystem and helps facilitate workforce entry and re-entry.
The “Expanding Pathways for Recovery and Socioeconomic Mobility” project, made possible by this
grant, will harness existing recovery ecosystem partners and resources. It is poised to make a substantial
impact in the region, including expanding access to reliable transportation for people in SUD recovery.
This initiative provides Seed Sower Inc. the opportunity to strengthen its commitment to expanding
transportation access, bolstering vocational training and employment opportunities, launching mobile
recovery support services, and sustaining expanded recovery housing in southern West Virginia.
“I commend Seed Sower for their work supporting the recovery ecosystems in Appalachian West
Virginia are integral to bringing our INSPIRE projects to life,” said ARC Federal Co-Chair Gayle Manchin.
“Seed Sower is a great asset in our efforts to address the region’s substance use disorder crisis, and I
look forward to seeing how they will help build a strong recovery ecosystem and a stronger workforce
for the opportunities of tomorrow.”
Jay Phillips, the Executive Director of Seed Sower, emphasized the significance of connection in the
recovery process. “This INSPIRE award provides the resources we need to create and sustain those
connections through a transportation service, mobile outreach, and access to meaningful vocational
training and employment opportunities for adults in recovery,” stated Phillips, expressing deep gratitude
for ARC’s continued support.
Since its establishment in April 2021, INSPIRE has channeled close to $42 million into 126 projects across
349 Appalachian counties. The allocation of nearly $14 million for Fiscal Year 2023 is projected to benefit
2,178 businesses and equip 9,772 individuals with the skills and resources for fresh opportunities in the

ARC anticipates issuing a request for proposals for the next round of INSPIRE grant opportunities in early

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About the Appalachian Regional Commission
The Appalachian Regional Commission is an economic development agency of the federal
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