Senate Passes Nine Bills in Afternoon Floor Session

ByChristopher Marshall

The Senate passed nine bills in a late afternoon floor session Monday, including all seven that were sent to committee earlier in the day.

The body suspended the constitutional rules to pass the seven measures that were recommended for passage by the Finance and Judiciary committees just prior to the floor session.

Of the four financial bills passed this afternoon, Senate Bill 1002 makes and appropriation to the Department of Revenue while Senate Bills 10031004, and 1005 deal with appropriations to the Department of Corrections.

Three bills emerged from the Senate Judiciary Committee this afternoon. Senate Bill 1006 would update temporary identification cards for released inmates. Senate Bill 1007 would require municipalities to reimburse the responsible county for regional jail per diem fees in certain cases. Senate Bill 1008 would clarify conditions for pretrial release.

The Senate also suspended the constitutional rules to pass two additional bills. Senate Bill 1027 makes a supplemental appropriation from the state road fund to the Division of Highways. Senate Bill 1042 expires funds to Department of Education, Vocational Consolidated Accounts Fund from  the State Department of Education.

These nine bills now head to the House of Delegates for consideration.

The body laid over Senate bills 1012-1016 as well as 1024 and 1044. These bills will be on second reading on tomorrow’s calendar.