Signs installed in Lewisburg restricting truck traffic

CHARLESTON, WV – West Virginia Division of Highways (WVDOH) District 9 has installed signs in downtown Lewisburg along US 60 Westbound indicating “No Right Turn For Trucks Longer Than 50 Feet.”
This is a measure aimed at mitigating large interstate trucks failing to navigate the intersection from US 60 west onto US 219 north, while continuing to allow smaller delivery trucks and commercial vehicles to navigate through the city. On several occasions, large trucks have struck buildings while trying to negotiate the intersection.
Commercial traffic is asked to schedule their routes accordingly because the turn restriction requires interstate trucks greater than 50 feet long to continue on US 60 westbound for approximately 11 miles before reentering Interstate 64 at Alta.
The signs are a collaborative effort between WVDOH District 9, the City of Lewisburg, and the WVDOH Traffic Engineering Department.
The effectiveness of the turn restriction will be monitored and may be adjusted if necessary.
The signs are temporary and will remain in place while the WVDOH coordinates with a consultant to complete an extensive traffic study to recommend potential improvements that could lessen traffic congestion from Holt Lane, through downtown Lewisburg, to Brush Road. The study should also provide recommendations to improve turning movements at this critical intersection. The Division will consult with city officials as soon as the recommendations become available.
The public, and especially commercial traffic, are advised to follow all traffic control measures. The WVDOH appreciates their patience.
The WVDOH will keep the public informed of future changes in the area.