The Stewards Individual Placement Program and Conservation Legacy seeking West Virginia Development Manager

Program Summary:

The Stewards Individual Placement Program (SIPP), a program of Conservation Legacy, places individual placements across the nation in projects that build capacity, improve access to natural resources, develop and support innovative solutions, develop opportunities for service and economic development, and empower leaders. The SIPP focuses on federal partners such as the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and Bureau of Indian Affairs along with multiple state and local governments and nonprofits.

Position Summary:

The West Virginia Development Manager is responsible for advancing corps programming in West Virginia by supporting the creation of a statewide AmeriCorps program while creating awareness, partnerships, and programming with state, local, and federal agencies, and non-profit partners. This position connects the work of Appalachian Conservation Corps and Stewards Individual Placements to community contacts, builds resources for local programming, supports and organizes related community and program events. A key aspect of this position is to research and participate in the writing, tracking and reporting of grants that advance the work of the emerging statewide program as well as build and monitor WV state specific AmeriCorps compliance and reporting.

April Elkins Badtke at