CHARLESTON, W.Va. – State Treasurer Riley Moore today announced his Office’s Unclaimed Property Division returned more than $1.4 million worth of unclaimed property to individuals, businesses and other organizations during the month of November.

“We’re continuing to see very strong totals of unclaimed property being paid out to rightful owners,” Treasurer Moore said. “With inflation and holiday spending, people need every dollar they can get – so I encourage everyone to visit our website and see if there’s any unclaimed money available in your name.”

The Unclaimed Property Division paid out 1,337 claims totaling $1,406,425 during the month of November.

Unclaimed property frequently includes old financial accounts, checks or payments that haven’t been cashed, were forgotten about or maybe hadn’t been received by its intended owner. Those funds are often turned over to the State Treasurer’s Office after they’ve sat inactive for over a year.

“A lot of times these are rebates, refunds or insurance payments people don’t even know were out there in their name,” Treasurer Moore said. “That’s why it’s important to always check and see if we’re holding any unclaimed property for you.”

Treasurer Moore said his Office has more than $300 million in unclaimed property listings for individuals, businesses and other organizations. He encourages everyone to visit today to search and see if they have funds to claim.