Unofficial Election results in West Virginia

Charleston, WV – Two sitting Republican U.S. representatives in West Virginia have easily overcome challengers to keep their seats in the deep red state’s shrinking congressional delegation.

U.S. Reps. Alex Mooney and Carol Miller defeated lesser-known Democratic and Independent candidates on Tuesday in a state controlled by Republicans at every level of state government. West Virginia hasn’t elected a Democrat to the House since 2012, and was one of only two states where former President Donald Trump won every county in 2016 and in 2020.

Miller said Tuesday she looks forward to working to bring “more investment, opportunity, and prosperity” to West Virginia.

“God bless West Virginia and God bless the United States of America!” she said in a statement on Facebook.

Mooney released a statement on Twitter thanking voters for their confidence in him, saying “there is much work to be done to get our country back on track.”



Voters in West Virginia have rejected four proposed amendments to the state constitution Tuesday, including two that would have given the Republican-dominated legislature more power to regulate public education policy and certain taxes.

Other failed amendments would have prohibited the state Supreme Court intervention in the Legislature’s impeachment trials and allowed churches to incorporate.


In State Senate races incumbent Rollen Roberts will retain his seat for District 9 – incumbent Christopher Toney also will be returning to represent District 43
Todd Kirby won the district 44 chair and Eric Brooks for District 45.

In State House races Democrat David Pritt is projected the winner in a close race for District 50 over incumbent Austin Haynes and Incumbent Tom Fast looks to retain his seat in District 51.


Control of the U.S. House and Senate were up in the air early Wednesday, as states across the country tallied votes in neck-and-neck midterm election races.

The close contests will determine whether Democrats keep their slim majorities in the House and Senate, or if Republicans will seize control of one or both chambers of the legislature. Democrats will pick up a pivotal Senate seat in Pennsylvania, as Lt. Gov. John Fetterman will defeat Republican Mehmet Oz, NBC News projected. Critical Senate races in Georgia, Wisconsin, Nevada and Arizona were unresolved early Wednesday, according to NBC.

Meanwhile, NBC News did not project control of the House on Tuesday, and an early NBC estimate suggested Republicans could end up with 220 seats — a narrow majority. Republicans came into Election Day hoping to take commanding control of the chamber.