West Virginia Human Rights Commission Recognizes National Home Ownership Month

CHARLESTON, W.Va. –  The West Virginia Human Rights Commission (HRC) joins state and federal partners in promoting the importance of accessible, affordable, and equitable home ownership opportunities during National Home Ownership Month.

Governor Jim Justice also proclaimed Home Ownership Month in the State of West Virginia. 

In the past year, HRC has seen an increase in the number of housing discrimination complaints filed at the state level and referred to the Commission by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Tia Welch, HRC Executive Director, attributes the increase to the Commission’s increased emphasis on education and outreach.
“All West Virginians deserve to live with security, dignity, and hope in a place that they can call home,” said Tia Welch, HRC Executive Director. “Through our partnership with HUD and the Federal Housing Administration, we are reaching more state residents and helping them understand their rights as homeowners and renters.”

The HRC-HUD partnership allows for certification of West Virginia’s commitment to affirmatively further fair housing by working to eliminate identified impediments to fair housing choice, resulting in the state’s continued eligibility for federal funding for community development and affordable housing projects.

HRC is mandated to enforce and implement the WV Fair Housing Act as well as the WV Human Rights Act and WV Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Resources and information related to the work of the West Virginia Human Rights Commission are available online or by calling 1-888-676-5546.