What to Expect When You Get Your Vaccine

What to Expect When You Get Your Vaccine
Erin Stone

Beckley, WV – (WNNR) Access Health has partnered with many businesses and community-focused groups such as the Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce to bring Covid-19 Vaccine Clinics to our area. Brittany Martin the Access Health Administrator, was able to walk us through the entire process.

Those looking to get their vaccines should first register at Then register and add personal information. Once an appointment is set, each person will go to the Beckley, Raleigh County Convention Center where they will receive their vaccine.

There will be no need to even get out of the vehicle as the entire process is designed to keep patients safe. Each person will fill out some additional paperwork and then be moved to the vaccination area where the shot is administered all while still in the vehicle.

Brittany Martin did mention that if anyone has reservations for a particular ailment, please check with your doctor before registering for the vaccine.

The Beckley Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce is also looking for more volunteers to help these clinics run smoothly. Anyone looking to participate should reach out to or call 304-252-7328