WVDOH Prepares for Weekend Weather

CHARLESTON, WV – Mid-March is pothole milling and filling season for West Virginia Division of Highways, but it’s also still snow removal and ice control season.  

“Given that road temperatures are warm, and the impending winter storm will start with rain, we believe snow will melt rather than accumulate early in this snow event,” said District 1 Maintenance Engineer, Kathy Rushworth, P.E. “Our main concern is icy conditions as the temperature drops and stays cold throughout the weekend. Regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us, DOT crews statewide will be actively treating and maintaining roads throughout the duration of this winter weather event.”

To prepare for snowfall, make the most of sunny days, and work efficiently in the rain, WVDOH looks ahead, making adaptable plans that allow contingencies for weather. WVDOH never stops, instead the work is planned with weather in mind, and the knowledge that a transportation worker may be painting a pile wall on Friday and driving a snow plow on Sunday. 

WVDOH operations, no matter the type of work, are planned well in advance. Drivers know their routes, equipment is maintained and there is plenty of salt on still on hand, even late in the season.

“Expect the unexpected, and plan ahead,” said Rushworth. “If you have to travel during inclement weather, allow extra time and be prepared.”

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